This was a great event.  I'm actually glad that my wife missed it because I would be  feeding 5 dogs and 5 cats this morning if she was! 

It all happened at Goldstein Subaru on Central Avenue in Albany.  Owner Stephanie Goldstein is an extremely dedicated animal lover.  At their "Share The Love" event this weekend, she was kind enough to allow her showroom to be overrun with cats and dogs looking for loving homes.

It was conducted in association with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, a group that has been around since the late 1800's!!!

Here are a few of the furry friends in question

dog 1 mohawk humane society
Photo by Richie PHILLIPS

LoLo is a Golden Lab.  (OK, Dorrie- I will admit, I really loved this guy)  We had a golden once- fantastic dog.    This one is 4 years old, and was adopted about an hour into the event)

dog 2 mohawk hudson humane
Photo by Richie PHILLIPS

Half Collie, half ? - and didn't get the name on this one, but what a face. (Yes, Dorrie, I liked him too)

What about Richie Phillips

One of  two pitbulls that didn't get adopted. I petted both of them repeatedly, and they seemed extremely docile and friendly.  They are still available as far as I know.

kitten mohawk hudson Humane Society
photo by Richie Phillips

"Hurricane", one of 5 kittens that were adopted that day.  (Yes, Dorrie - OK, Dorrie - I admit- they were all hard to resist!!!)

All in all, 5 dogs and 5 cats got to go down to the post office and put in for a change of residence, and we are very happy to have been able to help out by spreading the word here at 'GNA.

(In fact, several of Stephanie's employees took animals home with them as well)


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