It seems obvious to us, as parents, that bacteria can form inside all of those bath toys that our kids play with in the tub. But now that there is a study out and details, it's quite gross. Ever since Ryan was a baby, we had bath toys for him to play with in the tub. As he got older, like all kids, he would squeeze the toys and have them fill up with water and then squirt them out into the tub. Well a study shows that the soapy water that is put in and out of those bath toys leaves a film of bacteria that could cause sickness.

According to an article on, the squeezing of the water from the bath toys that have been exposed to the bacteria inside the toys causes the "chunks of biofilm to be splashed in kids faces which could result in eye, ear, or even gastro-intestinal tract infections".

The combination of dirty bath water, bodily fluids, dirt and the flexible plastic material of the toys makes up the toy's bacteria.

The study suggests, to avoid the potential of the bacteria, to buy rubber bath toys that are sealed at the bottom.

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