The guy from The Bachelorette, who some have said I look quite a bit like, may have trolled me a little bit on twitter and I'm I'm ok with it.  Apparently Chris R. (whose real name is Chris Randone) has been dealing with multiple look-a-like comparisons all week since the show debuted. While I thought it was pretty cool that he took the time to respond, he was a tad bit arrogant about it.  I guess when you're uber famous and super handsome like Chris R. you can be a little cocky.  Apparently, we should all be so lucky to look like him?

His tweet to me was pretty simple and relatively harmless but I was kind of like, huh?  It said 'The comparisons don't stop...Not a bad thing'

I mean Chris R. isn't entirely wrong, it could be worse. I haven't aged quite as poorly as say, Macaulay Culkin or Mickey Rourke so in that regard, it's not a horrible thing to be compared to you so I guess I should count my blessings!  Best of luck to you with the dating competition, sir.  May you get the rose, the dream girl, and zero gut-wreching surprises 'After the Rose'.

Chris R Tweet

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