There is a baby stroller recall that you should be aware of if you purchased yours at Target or on Amazon. Here are the details. Anytime you see a recall for a baby product, whatever it may be, you always hope it's not a product you have purchased. In this case, it's a pretty popular baby stroller.

According to News10 ABC, officials from the Consumer Product Safety Commission said there are faulty hinge joints that could cause the child to fall out of the stroller. The stroller's hinge joints can release causing it to collapse under pressure and in turn, cause the child to fall.

The strollers affected are the Baby Trend brand in Quartz Pink (Model Number ST31D09A), Sedona Gray (Model Number ST31D10A), Jet Black (Model Number ST31D11A), and Purest Blue (Model Number ST31D03A). You can locate the model numbers on the white sticker on one of the legs of the stroller in black.

If you do have one of these strollers, Baby Trend says that you should stop using it immediately and contact the company for a replacement or full refund.

To read the complete recall report, click HERE.

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