I saw this story circulating on Facebook yesterday morning but I wasn't sure it was true. I also was hoping it wasn't. As I watched the news last night, Waterford police did confirm that there was an attempted abduction. Now they need the public's help. Two 7 year old boys were playing in their own backyard on 3rd Ave when they say a man approached them and told them to get in his car. A parent of the boys, who was interviewed by News Channel 13, said that around 6:30, while the boys were playing, a man in a black sedan strategically parked his vehicle on the other side of their fence so that parent could not see it.

I had talked with the mom, who asked to remain anonymous, and she told me that it was unnerving to know that her son and his friend were almost abducted right from her own back yard. She said that she was watching them from her bow window and it was in broad daylight when the incident happened and in a nice neighborhood. It was very scary for all of them

She went on to say that the message here is to "educate your kids, never let your guard down, don't think you're untouchable because you live in a nice area, be aware of your surroundings".

Last night, Jenn and I had a conversation with Ryan again about strangers to reinforce that he would know what to do in a similar situation. It never hurts to keep reminding them of what to do.

The man is described as a tan man driving a black sedan. If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Waterford Police.

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