There has been an arrest for the bomb threats made to Watervliet Junior Senior High School.

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I had an article about how one threat was made on Sunday night, and the second threat on Monday.

In the story from News 10 ABC, in addition to one person from Watervliet being arrested, there’s also an alleged connection with someone in Michigan. There was an incident in a high school in Farmington, Michigan, similar to what happened at the Watervliet school.

Authorities believe that the two befriended each other online, and through Skype, and conspired together in the bomb threats. The person accused by authorities in Michigan was taken into custody. It was during the questioned that the suspect implicated that 17-year-old Jacob Lindsay from Watervliet allegedly made the Watervliet school bomb threats.

Lindsay was arrested by Watervliet Police. During questioning, Lindsay allegedly confessed about everything, including being an alleged co-conspirator with the Michigan suspect. Authorities charged Lindsay with three counts of Falsely Reporting An Incident in the Second Degree. He possibly may have more charges since there’s still a continuing investigation.