There's a huge trend in American households these days.  It's called cocooning.  After you read what they mean by this, you may agree that you too are a member of this exclusive hibernating clubIn a nutshell, cocooning is a form of hibernation using all of the technology at our disposal.  People, instead of going to restaurants, movie theatres and the like are staying home, grabbing the remote, turning on their computers, tablets and beautiful HD tvs and just "chillin'".  Playin' video games, going on facebook and twitter--heck leave the house?  Everything's right here.




The problem is that, according to it is really affecting restaurant sales and other businesses that rely on you to SPEND MONEY.

Are you becoming a super-cocooner?  Do you think this is dangerous?  What are we teaching our kids- that it's just safer and cheaper to stay inside and not connect with others socially?   This could be serious if we don't pay attention to this, don't you think?  Would love to know your thoughts!