After a very popular Downtown Schenectady Restaurant Week, Aperitivo Bistro in Schenectady has announced that it is closed.

Aperitivo Bistro has been a long-standing staple of Downtown Schenectady for about 10 years but after yesterday, they're closing their doors.

Aperitivo Bistro announced on their Facebook that in a rather surprise decision, they have closed their restaurant. 518 Bites & Sights posted the Facebook message on their site that said there were various attempts to keep the restaurant open but after a decision that was "unexpected and beyond our control," they had to close.

If you had a gift card, reservation, or event planned, they will announce more news regarding what to do soon. No word on if the staff had any foresight into the closing but it seems like it was a surprise that they couldn't do more to keep it open. The restaurant itself was started by Mazzone Hospitality but they seemed to have recently distanced the brand from the restaurant even though Mazzones still were involved in some capacity.

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