Many many years ago, I tried my hand at hunting. To make a long story short I was awful at it. It takes a lot of skill, preparation and most importantly patience. Patience was my undoing, as I sadly have none. LOL! My friends, relatives and my brother are all expert hunters and it is a actually a tradition among families that keep sons and fathers and uncles and more together and feeling a sense of team accomplishment each year. If you are a hunter, or know one spread the word to them that if they have pictures of their trophies to make sure they share them with us on the 1077 'GNA Trophy Wall. Just click here for the details and post your photos. We will share them throughout the hunting seasons with our listeners.

And if you have any extra venison chops, remember me. I love to cook them up with onions and peppers in my homemade barbecue sauce in the slow cooker. Thanks.