After all of the issues of students getting into trouble with parties in Albany, you think that there would be second thoughts about having any more student parties. It happened again. In a story that I read in the Times Union, this time it was early in the morning on Sunday, September 30, 2012, in part of the area known as the ‘college ghetto’.


3 Benson Street - albany
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3 Benson Street Albany
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Albany Police raided a party at 3 Benson Street, and made several arrests, which included the party host. 20 year old Dustin Stout was charged with unlawfully dealing with a minor. This happened because there were several people at the party that were served alcohol and were under 21.

Besides playing loud music, apparently, the party had about 250 people, with some of them hanging around outside, and creating some problems in the street.

One thing that I should mention is that not all of the college students get involved with any of these parties. In fact, many of them have been helping to try to clean up several of these neighborhoods and improve the relationship between the residents of these areas and the students.

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