A few days ago, we had a story about a dog that was rescued after it fell through some ice on the Hudson River.

Dog Silhouette
Dog Silhouette - Photo Courtesy Of Ingram Publishing

On Easter, there was another dog rescued from some ice on the Tomhannock Reservoir. This time, the dog didn’t fall into the water through the ice. It was stranded on a piece of ice. A couple of people that were passing by saw that the dog was stranded and gave a call to 911.

Some volunteer first responders from the Raymertown and Pittstown Fire Departments went to help the stranded dog.  A couple of them went into the icy waters of the Tomhannock and pushed the ice with the dog to the shore to safety, where they wrapped him up in a towel and brought him into an ambulance. They’re not sure who the dog belongs to and are still looking for the owner. The dog was brought to the Creekside Shelter in Poestenkill.

According to the story from WNYT, there was also a black female pitbull mix that was near the shoreline which took off when some of the first responders got closer to the dog.

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