A few months ago, there was a gym that opened up in Ballston Spa that was geared toward children on the Autism spectrum. It is nice to see that more and more gyms are opening to help kids with special needs. There is a new one opening in Latham. A 5100 square foot sensory gym geared toward children with special needs and on the Autism spectrum is now open on Route 7 in Latham. Ring Around the Spectrum gives children with sensory issues and developmental delays a safe and fun place to play. There is never any loud music and the lights are turned down low. An occupational therapist made sure that the equipment and toys were selected to help the kids.

There are scooters, a jungle gym, swings along with a quiet area and creative space if kids become overwhelmed. There is also a multi-sensory room. This features bean bag chairs aroma therapy, soft music and a ball area.

Ring Around The Spectrum is aimed at providing a typical childhood experience to all kids. It is located on Route 7 in Latham and opens this Saturday November 18th. There will be open gym hours available six days a week.


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