Because of some pictures that were posted online which coincided with an investigation, a Queensbury man has been charged with animal abuse.

Dog Abused
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

New York State Police were notified by Queensbury Animal Control about a dog that was emaciated. This incident also involved The Warren County Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. They became involved a second time after the online pictures that were surfacing that showed the dog’s condition.

After the call was made about the condition of the dog, that’s when New York State Police took action. They arrested 55-year-old George Dane, after they found his dog allegedly emaciated. Authorities are still doing some more investigating.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, Jim Fitzgerald, an Animal Control Officer for the town of Queensbury said that “they have already got a lot of phone calls asking to adopt the dog”. The dog will be given to a rescue organization where it won’t take long to find a good home for the dog.

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