Every year, you have to get your vehicle inspected. One Amsterdam man took it upon himself to inspect it for himself but it didn't go as well as he thought.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has reported that they just ticketed a man, identified as Manuel Muniz, 35, of Amsterdam, for a unregistered vehicle. His argument is that it had registration on it, the problem is that Muniz drew it himself, according to CBS 6.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office posted the picture on their Facebook page that has been shared over 8000 times. They wrote about the picture, "So, we appreciate people who take some initiative, however this will not work as your vehicle inspection sticker, NICE TRY!!"

To Muniz's credit, he put a lot of work into the sticker to make it look realistic but it's still illegal and Montgomery County did not approve. He's facing a violation for driving an unregistered vehicle. He drew it for himself to be covered until January 2020, that's a little ambitious.

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