This week on "American Idol," two contestants were voted off.  55 million votes were cast for this week's tirbute, if you want to call it that, to Elton John.  As I predicted Naima Adedapo was one of those that was sent home.  She sang a reggae version of "I'm Still Standing."  My opinion, not good at all even if you knew what song she was trying to "make her own."

My other prediction was that Pia Toscano would be going home as well.  However, that prediction was wrong.  Thia Megia was in fact the other contestant packing her bags last night.  Thia sang, "Daniel."  And though I actually didn't think it was great, I thought Pia singing yet another ballad was going to hurt her popularity amongst viewers, but I was wrong.  Also in the bottom three was Paul McDonald.

To see Naima's performance, you can go to my blog from yesterday by clicking: Wednesday Night's Recap.  To see Thia's performance you can go to

While you might think it's great to still be one of the contestants on "American Idol," the remaining contestants are a bit scared.  I don't mean of next week's show and the viewers' votes.  Apparently, the $12 Beverly Hills mansion they all stay in day-to-day is -- wait for it -- HAUNTED!  This isn't the first time "Idol" contestants have made this allegation -- it's the second.  I'm sorry, but now that minimum age has been lowered for the competition, that could be contributing to what the contestants think they saw.

Last night, it was explained the contestants left because of a leaky roof.  However, contestant Lauren Alaina stated earlier, "Me and Pia were upstairs, and the doors flew open.  We were watching a scary movie before that and we were already freaked out."  So it remains a mystery as to why the contestants aren't currently staying at the mansion, but regardless, they aren't staying there for a good reason.