Two local women received word that an American flag had been disrespectfully tossed into a dumpster at local gas station and decided to investigate it themselves.  What they found was not one, but three flags in the trash.   The question now; who put them there?

Maria Dziamba and Arlene Dwyer say they were told an American flag was thrown in a dumpster at the Sunoco station on Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush according to a report from CBS News.  The women posted a video of their dumpster finding, and it's quickly gone viral on Facebook.  An employee at the gas station claims he had no knowledge of the flags, and doesn't know who put them there.

"I have a son in the military, I just received my father's flag a couple of weeks ago when he was buried, and I go from receiving a flag, to thinking one is in the dumpster," said Arlene Dwyer.

The Gerald O'neil American Legion Post in Rensselaer has a flag disposal canister out front for proper public disposal. William Sheldon is the Sergeant-at-Arms at the American Legion Gerald O’Neil Post. While it's not illegal to improperly dispose of the flag, it's highly disrespectful.

“Any American Legion Post will accept an American flag from anyone,” Sheldon said.



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