Hey, you can't blame her.  Whitney Houston songs were great, and fun to sing along to, but not at the top of your lungs on an American Airlines flight. What was she thinking? 

Yes, it's true.  A woman thrown off of a flight for belting out Whitney's classic "I Will Always Love You" and continuing to show her singing prowess as she was escorted off of the plane. Pretty funny,, huh?  Perhaps, but the flight from Los Angeles to New York was diverted to Kansas City because of it. That's not funny at all.  Someone captured it on their cellphone camera

According to ABC.com

American Airlines told ABC News, "A federal Air Marshall on the flight restrained, cuffed and detained the passenger. The captain declared an emergency and diverted to Kansas City. Police met the flight and took the woman into custody. The plane was refueled and continued to JFK - landing with less than an hour delay."


Now what happens to this American Idol wannabe?  A simple fine? Slap on the wrist?  She interrupted a flight and could have caused other fights to break out or some weird accident to happen.  I hope they follow up on this and send the signal that they won't put up with idiotic behavior like this.


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