I first saw this video over the weekend and even shared it on my personal Facebook page. It really was horrific to watch as these cars and trucks drove through a blinding snowdrift just to find that there was no way to avoid the accident and no time to stop.

I think even more so than watching was the sound of each new car hitting the ones that had just crashed themselves. The video was taken as cars and trucks were still crashing and if anything would make people use more caution in winter conditions it is watching this footage. (Not that I am saying it is anyone's fault for being in the crash , in this case I believe there was not much any of these drivers could have done to avoid the crash once vehicles began to pile up.)

In all, at last report one person died and 23 were injured that morning and the highway was closed all day.

Another video that has since come from that morning is of the truck carrying 40,000 pounds of fireworks blew up setting off its cargo right there on the highway.

The weather at the time of the pile up was reported to be "Heavy Snow" with a wind chill of 3 below zero.

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