If you missed Pet Connection on the "Sean, Richie and Bethany Show," here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption.

Pet Connection is brought to you by our proud sponsor Curtis Lumber, providing building materials to contractors and homeowners since 1890. Tune in every Thursday at 7:20 a.m. to hear the stories of incredible (and adoptable) pets. Let's take a look at the pets featured.


Pet Connection


Alvin is a 4 year old, gorgeous yellow lab mix. He isn't classically lab, we aren't sure if there is some shepherd in there or perhaps even some silver lab?  Alvin is great with other dogs and will play and wrestle with them for awhile. Once Alvin has had enough of play time, he will literally lay down in the middle of the wrestling dogs, even though they are walking on him... he had enough and now it is time to relax right there!  Alvin is house broken and crate trained.  He loves a nice soft bed to snuggle on.   We don't know how Alvin is with cats yet.
Pet Connection


Noel is a 2 year old female, black lab mix. She is a local NY dog who just found herself without a home. Noel is a great girl - she loves to play with the other dogs. She will eagerly wrestle, or roll on her back to play.  Noel would be fine by herself as an only dog, but would do great with another dog that would like to play as much as she does, preferably male.  Noel loves to play with toys, and she will throw them up in the air and catch them just to entertain herself!  Noel would be a great family dog!  Noel would prefer a fenced in yard.   She is completely house broken and crate trained... but really isn't very happy in her crate. Noel is eager to please and knows some basic commands. Noel loves to follow her people.  Noel has met some cats and wasn't too interested, but we would like to double check that with more active cats.
 If you are interested in these wonderful pets please contact the 11th Hour Rescue  at 518-223-5589.