We watch this guy all the time.  Just looking at him makes my stomach growl.  He's Alton Brown from The Food Network and he's coming here! I don't know about you, but we love this guy.  I guess besides the his stint on the Iron Chef show, he also does some decent stand-up comedy.  Here' a description of what is in store when he comes here (from his promo material)

Screen shot alton brown
from press release


Recently named Best Food TV Personality at The Munchies, Brown’s tour promises to be an eventful evening of stand-up comedy, talks show antics, multimedia lecture, live music and food experimentation. Be prepared. Ponchos will be involved. The show will offer an interactive component in which audience members will have the opportunity to serve as Brown’s trusted assistants on stage.  For those hoping to sip at the pure source of Brownian wit and wisdom, this is a must-see extravaganza for the whole family.


This isn't supposed to be a commercial.  We're just psyched that he's coming here to Proctors on February 13th.  You can find out more at Proctors.org.  Will definitely see you there!!!


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