For the past few years, GNA has had some great party cruises on Dutch Apple Cruises, and this year, we’re doing it again.

Dutch Apple Sign

We all get together on the Dutch Apple in Albany, and party on the Hudson River for three hours. I get to dj the party, and we usually have some of the other GNA air staff with us. Sean, Richie, Levack and Scotty Blaine have been with us at one time or another.

It’s only $10 dollars per person. I think anytime we’ve had a GNA Party Cruise, it’s always been a lot of fun for everybody. We’re having two cruises this year. Our first cruise will be Friday night June 8. The second will be on Friday, September 14. We start rolling down the river at 7:00 p.m., both nights.

If you have never been with us, you should try to join us. You may want to get your tickets early, because I have seen our cruises sell out. (either online or call 463-0220) You can always check out some of the pictures from some of our past cruises. I will admit this - I know that it seems like June is a long time to wait, but it’s just a little more than a month. It will be here before you know it.Time really does fly.


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