The power and gas was almost turned off at the Rotterdam Square Mall on Friday, because the owner allegedly didn’t pay the utility bill from National Grid.

Rotterdam Square Mall Sign From 2011 / Bro. Lou Roberts Collection

Thanks to the help of some Schenectady County Officials along with Town Supervisor Harry Buffardi, there was no interruption of service. Their communication between the National Grid and the town officials helped to get a temporary agreement to keep the power on through the weekend. That would allow owners of the mall to pay their utility bill on Monday.

According to the article from the Times Union, the company that bought the mall earlier this year, never got a bill for this utility meter until a letter from National Grid was received claiming that they needed to pay their bill of $100,000 dollars.

It’s a misunderstanding, according to a spokesperson from that mall’s owner, Mike Kohan, and that they had wired $100,000 dollars to National Grid on Friday afternoon. A National Grid Spokeswoman mentioned that they’ve worked with some of the mall’s representatives about a possible payment arrangement, and that it’s a last resort to have to shut off the power.