Tasheem Maeweather. The name might sound familiar for some and ingrained in the brain of others who were at Crossgates Mall back in November when gunfire rang out. Maeweather, the alleged shooter wasn't in custody until a couple of days after the shooting which left people concerned that danger was still looming.

In December Maeweather was sentenced to 9-years in state prison by Judge Peter Lynch in Albany County for his alleged participation in the shooting and probation violation.

Monday, the jury selection and opening arguments were heard as the case goes to trial for attempted murder, along with attempted assault, criminal possession of a weapon as well as reckless endangerment.

I had friends in the mall that day. Seeing their Facebook posts as if it were the last time they'd get to say something to anyone was devastating. We've seen so many stories of shootings on the news, online, even in movies and television shows - enough to know how these things typically go. With the first sound of a gun, people will panic and they will think the worse, regardless of the outcome and "only" two shots being fired, it was two too many. Nothing can take back what that day has done to those who were shopping, but this trial allows the closure some may need.

The jury has been warned that there may not be many witnesses taking the stand, Maeweather himself may not even take it but it's the quality evidence that should base the case. We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out and what the prosecution brings to the table.

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