The 63rd Albany Tulip Festival will take place on Mother’s Day Weekend, May 7 and 8, in Albany’s Washington Park. Of course you'll see thousands tulips, enjoy plenty of entertainment, great food and activities for the kids. There will also be the other traditions like the Tulip Queen Coronation and Mother of the Year award. There are going to be some big changes for alcohol restrictions.

Albany Tulip Festival in Washington Park

This is to make the event more family friendly. No alcohol will be allowed in at all. You can bring coolers with food and non-alcoholic drinks, and this will be strictly enforced. Drinking is going to be limited to one section by the main stage, and the only way to be admitted will be by wrist bands. This will be like the method used at the “Alive At Five” events.

WTEN was at a press conference with Albany’s Mayor Jennings which he gave more details. With the changes, do you feel more comfortable going to the Tulip Fest with your whole family?

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