My tux was powder blue with a cream bowtie. It was sweet looking back in the day, but looking back I was a fashion trainwreck.

My prom cost me about $350 bucks back then in 1982, that included the ticket plus flowers for my date and the dinner. My son went a few years ago to his prom and it cost me about $750 for tyhe same thing. You have to hate that damn inflation! My theme song was Chicago's "Colour My World". Do any of you remember that.

I took a look around Albany online to see what tuxedo rentals and gowns were going to cost the kids this year as they get set for their May proms, and I stumbled upon the one stop for all info "Albany Prom Guide" online. I really miss that mullet I had in the 80's, the chicks really dug it. I can't believe there is a website called "Rate My Mullet". I laughed so hard looking at the photos I was in tears.

Here's my prom theme for some real memories.

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