Just when you thought something was free, the Albany council is currently working on a new trash tax plan. But it is not all bad.

According to News 10, one of the proposed plans would involve a new yearly trash tax for owners of single family homes. Multi-unit homes already pay a trash tax.

But it is not all bad news for homeowners, According to the story, there are some other options the council is exploring. One option is to not change anything, and the other is to comepetely get rid of the trash tax and find other areas to make up the shortfall. Proponents of the tax say will add a few years to the life Albany landfill, which is currently set to close in 2020.

It is one of those things that sound crazy - a tax on garbage, right? But ultimately I guess money needs to come from somewhere to dispose of waste. As a Clifton Park resident I have to either pay a monthly fee for trash pick up or pay for a yearly pass to the town dump.

But you know what is free? Recycling! Now that I am paying for that dump pass which does have a cap on garbage - we are recycling like mad. We can drop off as much cardboard, plastic and paper as we want - and it saves a lot of garbage! And it saves us from throwing some money away!

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