You think it's challenging not to be able to see your close friends because of the coronavirus? One local couple has to say separated but is doing whatever they can to stay as close as possible.

Bob Barber, a retired Albany Fire Department Battalion chief, and his wife Lauren have been separated since the state pretty much closed down due to the coronavirus. Lauren has Alzheimer's and currently lives at the Atria senior living facility in Guilderland, according to the Times Union. Because of the threat of the disease, Barber is no longer allowed to visit his wife in person. That doesn't stop him.

Barber and his wife have been married for about 62 years. He still goes to the senior living facility every day to visit her even though they're only able to talk to each other through a five-inch gap in the window.

Last Friday, their granddaughter uploaded a video of their interaction that quickly went viral on TikTok. The love these two people share in this video, separated by a wall, is so beautiful. Lauren starts off the video by saying "I need to be with you." To which he responds "I'd like to be with you, too, but because of the illness, we can't do it." I love their love and hope they can be back together soon.


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