An Albany area cellphone store employee has been arrested after he stole a nude picture off of a customers phone - and texted it to himself. Colonie Police arrested the Verizon Wireless employee after the customer realized that the photo had been texted off of his phone.  

According to police the victim brought his phone in to the Verizon store because it wasn't charging; that's where 33 year old Dominic Pirozzi took the phone to the back of the store and found a topless picture of the victim's girlfriend, which he then texted to himself. Once the victim realized what had happened, he contacted police.

Police say that Pirozzi turned himself in and explained his crime:

I liked the picture so I sent it from phone to my phone in a text message. I realize now I made a mistake and a bad judgment call

Colonie Police are checking his phone to see if any other photos that may not belong to him are on the phone. Verizon tells News10 that he no longer works for the company.