Shop Rite has moved into the Albany area with new stores. There’s one in Niskayuna at 2233 Nott Street, just off of Balltown Road, and one being built in Albany, on Central Avenue, where the OTB Teletheater used to be. That store is expected to open in April.

Now there may be one more. According to a story from the Times Union, there’s one planned for the Village of Colonie, complete with 14 gas pumps. It will be where the Otto Oldsmobile dealership is, at 1730 Central Avenue. If this happens, Otto will move into the nearby building of the former Saturn Dealership.

Otto - Shop Rite

Some of the residents in the area of the proposed store have some concerns about noise, traffic and gasoline sales. Some people don’t even want the supermarket built at all. If they don’t get approved for gasoline pumps, the supermarket will not be built.

The Colonie Village Planning Commission will be having another discussion on March 27. A decision will be made on March 31. There are also plans for at least one more supermarket to be built in Slingerlands.

A positive thought about the new stores is it will create several new jobs.  How do you feel about having another supermarket built in the area?

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