Two people went into the Mobil Mart at 166 Main Street, in the Rensselaer County village of Schaghticoke and helped themselves to a few things like several hundred packs of cigarettes, lottery tickets and $200 cash. This happened on Thursday, February 7, 2013. What they didn’t take was gasoline. After they robbed the store, one of the alleged thieve’s car ran out of gas.

Alan Dumouche
Rensselaer County Sheriff's Department

In a story that I saw on News 10 ABC, 28-year-old Alan Dumouchel of Waterford was caught in Petersburg, New York (which is close to the Massachusetts border), by New York State Police, after they got a call about a vehicle being disabled in traffic.

According to reports from the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office, Dumouchel was an employee of the Schaghticoke Mobil Mart that he allegedly robbed. He was charged with burglary third degree and grand larceny fourth degree.

The other suspect hasn’t been caught and is believed to have gone into Vermont. Sergeant Shane J. Holcomb is asking for the public’s help, by calling him if they have any more information about the robbery. The number to reach him is 518-266-1981.

A similar situation happened in a Pennsylvania convenience store. In a story from the York Daily News, in January, a man made an unsuccessful attempt at robbing the store, and left, but his getaway car ran out of gas, and authorities caught him. This convenience store, also sold gas.

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