As concerns about Coronavirus grow, the NCAA has decided to play the mens and women's tournaments without fans.

According to an ESPN report, the NCAA decided today to play the upcoming men's and women's basketball tournament games without fans. The Times Union Center was set to host first round games next weekend. ESPN says essential staff and family will be allowed at the games.

First and foremost, I totally understand the decision the NCAA made today. It's all about public safety and that should always be priority #1 as officials try to minimize the impact of the Cornoavirus. While the decision is a sound one, it doesn't make it any less disappointing for the city of Albany or for local basketball fans. This was sure to be a big weekend economically for the city of Albany, as well as a big weekend of basketball fans have been looking forward to for a long time.

Fortunately for the fans, they can still enjoy the tournament on television. And hopefully in the next few years this year's fan-less games will move Albany to the front of the line to the men's tournament back in the very near future.

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