The Albany International Airport is looking to expand soon but the problem is that the area they're looking to expand into is already inhabited.

Apparently the land that they're looking to use for the expansion was an old cemetery that has since been forgotten. They found remains of a crypt and a bunch of older unmarked graves, according to NEWS10. The people in this graveyard were either found in the river, they may have died alone with no one to take care of a funeral, or even murder victims. There are people buried there from all races, all genders, all ages.

According to the Colonie Town Historian Kevin Franklin, as many as 1600 people are buried there started as far back as the 1920s. The land itself is behind the Albany County Ice Rink and owned by the county. Albany International was looking to buy that land as well as the rink for more parking spaces but finding a cemetery obviously challenges that.

They're hoping to discover who is buried there and just how many have been buried there. As of right now, it looks as if any decision on the future of that property won't be decided for quite awhile so for now, they're still resting at peace.

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