On Tuesday morning, just hours after she dominated her Monday night battle round on NBC's The Voice, Shaker High's Moriah Formica came in to talk to the GNA Morning Show. She discussed last night's impressive win, advice she's gotten from Miley Cyrus, and we even got her to sing us a little Carrie Underwood. Shhhh...don't tell The Voice!

16 years old. We have to keep reminding ourselves that Latham's pint sized powerhouse in only 16 years old. The Voice's next big littlest star, Moriah Formica, is taking the Capital Region and now the country by storm one memorable performance after another.  We have learned so much about this amazingly talented and extremely humble high school student that is making the Capital Region proud. She's a fan and a judge favorite and is just one round away from making it to the LIVE shows in a few weeks. I realize it may seem like we're fangirling as we repeatedly talk about how she's more than likely going to win the show.  Sure, we may be 'homers', but that doesn't mean we're wrong!

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