Our local hockey team, The Adirondack Flames revealed a new mascot the other day!  Scorch!

In a news release announcing the new mascot, the Flames said, "Scorch is the last remaining flame from the Great Fire of 1864 which ravaged the city of Glens Falls and he has finally crossed Glen Street and found his home at the Civic Center with the Adirondack Flames."

They created a skit for Scorch where he overcomes a fire-fighter.  Then, released a photo of the scene. Yikes.

A photo of the skit showed the new mascot, standing over what appeared to be a fallen firefighter.  Nope.

The team has since released a statement apologizing about the reveal of the team mascot on Thursday.

 "While it seemed in good taste when it was on the drawing board, it is evident now that it was in poor taste. On behalf of our entire organization we want to apologize for our thoughtlessness."

The Flames will play their first home game of the season at the Glens Falls Civic Center on Saturday.

Read more about the team - Click Here!

Here's a cute video of Scorch auditions:

fire truck

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