A bunch of angry calls came into the show to the show this morning and I breathed a sigh of relief. Why you ask? I had a chance to address something on the air that had been bothering me the entire weekend.  How could some people be using their social media platforms to wish everyone "A Happy Memorial Day"? 

I feel like I should start off by saying this was not all of you, yet the percentage was still far too great. Soldiers and veterans, moms and dad's, brothers and sisters called in to the show this morning to also express their frustration.  They agreed with the sentiments of our show; plain and simple, there is nothing happy about Memorial Day.

Monday, Memorial Day, was a day for reflection, to show appreciation, and be thankful. A opportunity to think about the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. I'm not suggesting that you can't enjoy the day off, because I'll be the first to admit, it was nice to relax.  But I did so with the understanding that grillin' and chillin' yesterday came at a price paid by people I've never met but am completely in awe of.

Memorial Day Weekend has kind of become the symbol of the start of Summer. Everyone wants to be near a body of water or on a deck eating grilled hamburgers and there's nothing wrong with a portion of the weekend being about that. Add in the holiday sales on grills, cars, and meat, and it's easy to lose focus.

Perhaps with a little bit of perspective, things will be different next year. Or as one of our listener's put it this morning, 'Can't think of anything to post, how about a simple Thank You?'



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