I don't think we have to rehash the background to this story, do we?  You would have to be living under a rock (or stuck in traffic without a radio) to not know about it.  If per chance you still aren't familiar with the issue, this song parody might just sum it up for you

This is a "remix" of a great (admittedly dated) song from the '60's by Simon and Garfunkel. It was called "Feelin' Groovy", but in parenthesis it's labeled  "The 59th Street Bridge Song", so that's why I chose it.

If you don't know the original, here it is.

Now here's the parody, with lyrics to follow

Gov. Chris Christie Addresses The Fort Lee George Washington Bridge Scandal
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Ask Chris Christie

                                     lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

parody of "Feelin' Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkel

                                       We've  slowed down, we can't go fast

My kid's in 3rd grade, he missed his classes
Why can't we cross the GWB?
Do de lee do do --! Ask Chris Christie!
Look at the gridlock!
The cars go way back.
What's the reason? It's just payback
To the Mayor of Fort Lee
For not endorsing Mr Christie.
dirty pool don't  fool with Mr Christie
There's no denyin'
Don't be alloof
They've checked out the GMAIL
there's email with proof
That the folks in your office
Are down right sneaky
Or are they fall guys, Mr Christie?
Can you recover?
Is it too late?
The press is relentless, they call it Bridgegate and
If you want a dibs on the Presidency
Good Luck, Chris Christie
(Sorry in advance, Governor - I was just having a little fun.  These are all just allegations anyway, but you must admit, it makes  for great morning show fodder!)


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