I've had curly haired friends tell me they don't get their haircut because no one can cut their curls right. That the search was on for someone with curly hair to cut their hair to know it would be done right.

That's silly, right? Nope. Not silly at all and totally true it turns out!

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Hey, listen, how am I to know. My hair has a slight wave if I'm lucky, otherwise it's straighter than a pencil. That's why I found it to be pretty cool that there is a salon right in our own backyard of Schenectady that specializes in cutting and styling curly hair!

It's called "Moisture Salon" with the slogan "where curls begin" (how cute!) Ron Suriano who opened up the salon 3 years ago is a curl expert and educator. He was inspired by his mother to open up his salon who hated her naturally curly hair and now he feels like it's a way of giving back to her.

So, say you're someone with those big, bouncy curls who's had a hard time finding the right stylist, you really can't go wrong with the curl expert, now can ya?!

Check out Suriano's website for more.

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