You've all seen the thing going around on Facebook where someone asks their friends to post the 9th or 12th photo on their phone, right?

Well, this morning Marissa and I thought it would be super fun to ask our listeners, (a.k.a. our friends) to post the 7th picture (get it, 7, cause 107.7!?!?!! Get it?!?!) and the results were amazing!

We got everything from the cutest puppies in the 518, to the most adorable kids anywhere!  There were pictures of landscapes of the Capital Region, and some pretty darn good inspirational quotes!

Marissa's 7th photo was an adorable picture of her as a kid with her dad on vacation!  Mine is a silly pic of my kiddos, Madelyn and Turner showing off their brand new plastic shades that they won at Chuck E. Cheese!

Click here to check out all the great photos!

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

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