Donath Plummer told WIVB that his wife had text him on her road trip from Florida to Buffalo and acted as if everything was perfectly fine. But, the truth was that their daughters body lay in the car with her, dead.

The "Mother" (I use quotes for the obvious of reasons) Erica Newsome packed her truck and left Jacksonville, Florida on Friday with her 11 year-old daughter, Kay-Lea Plummer's body inside. Donath Plummer and Newsome had been separated since 2014 and he is baffled by what could have happened.

"That wasn't the woman  married - that wasn't the woman I entrusted with my child," he told the news network.

Newsome drove for 2 days with her daughters body in her truck before she lost control of her vehicle and hit a guardrail in West Virginia. That is where witnesses saw her dragging the body into the woods according to the Pocahontas Times.


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