We all love big screen TV's.  It's almost becoming a necessity in an era of high definition TV broadcasts.  Although they are coming down in price, the economy isn't getting much better.  We're all trying to save money, and here's a way to save on THIS purchase

A blogger on CNET.com had this article that caught my attention.  The title?  "Don't Buy A Jumbo LCD TV- Buy a Projector"

Basically, he says that they're cheaper per square inch.  You can have a 100 inch TV on your wall.  Even if you factor in the screen (you can't just put a white sheet up there), it still works out to be a lot cheaper)  One thing you have to watch out for, however is that you have to have a dark room.

I would never have thought of something like this, personally.  I always thought they were blurry and washed out in general, but I guess not any more!

I found this site called focusedtechnology.com that has a ton of alternatives for you.  There are also a few local electronic stores that have them.  Check it out.  It might save you piles of cash.

Does anyone out there have one of these?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you like it.