I know -20 years in the "pun-itentiary" for that one, but I  really can't say enough about this new album from Big Kenny and John, aka Big and Rich.

So great to hear Big and Rich  on the air again. Their new single that we're featuring on WGNA is called "Look At You".   To me, that alone has hit potential and we haven't even started delving into the rest of the CD yet.

Then again, who buy CDs anymore?  Well, this release might be a reason to reverse the trend.

Next I stumbled upon the title track -"Gravity"  and I was really taken by the simplicity of  the production yet really impressed with the incredibly tightly woven harmonies that these two guys can create when they decide to get back into the studio.

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There were rumors that they've had their differences over the years, and if I remember correctly, Big Kenny had some neck problems that sidelined him from touring for awhile.  But I for one am real happy to see them giving it one more try.

There are 11 cuts in all on the release, including the catchy "Brand New Buzz", "Thank God for Pain", and party anthem "I Came to Git Down"


When I hear this album, in a very odd way it makes me think of them as a modern day  country version of Simon and Garfunkel, in that they can definitely make it on their own merits, but are much better with each other and fit together musically like a glove.

I hope someday  we can say once again that they'll be "Comin' To Your City"