Listen, when your wife has the nickname "The Coupon Lady," you understand how much money you can save through coupons if you take it seriously. This 20-year-old girl in Scarsdale N.Y. has taken extreme couponing to a whole new level—and for all the right reasons.

Hannah Steinberg says she got hooked on the show "Extreme Couponing" when she was 14. The show would show people going to the store and getting carts full of groceries for virtually no money at all. She also noticed that these people would seldom use all the products they would get, so she decided to do the same thing but donate the products to a local homeless shelter.

Once she posted photos online of what she did, people began to send her items to donate and lots and lots of unexpired coupons. SO she started non-profit called "Our Coupons Care" and she and her friends from college would use the coupons fill up shopping carts and donate the food, toiletries and school supplies.

To date they have donated more that $110,000 worth of products.

What did your 20-year-old do today? :)

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