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Arena Football Back (Again) Where It Belongs
Fans of arena football in the Capital Region are getting some good news: Football is coming back to Albany.  And the National Arena League is getting even better news, you're coming to Albany.  As lucky as we are to have the announcement of area football back in our area, this league …
Love Cowboy Calls Out Parents To "Do Better"
Simone in Grafton writes:
Please help.  My husband and I have one kid and he's 7.   He constantly plays me and my husband against one another.  It's almost as if he likes when we argue so he can divide and conquer.  The other day,  while my husband and I were spatting,  my son asked for something and…
Halloween 2020 Is On - Halloween Stores Open in Capital Region
There have been so many events canceled in the last six months because of the coronavirus pandemic but there is one that won't be shut down. Halloween 2020 is happening and to get you ready the largest Halloween stores in the Capital Region are open now or opening this month.
Fire Burns Down Schoharie County Summer Camp
A Summer camp in Schoharie County suffered a massive structure fire on Wednesday afternoon resulting in 17 fire departments being called to the scene. Thankfully, no one was injured, but officials say it's a total loss.  The camp had made news recently after claims were made that it was operating un…
Power Outage Sweeps Fulton County
Thousands of Capital Region residents are without power this morning according to National Grid.  Many of the power outages reported are in the Broadalbin area, which appears to be the epicenter of the disruption.

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