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Get A Free Slice of Candy Cheesecake This Week
In celebration of National Candy Month, the Cheesecake Factory wants to give you a free slice of their candy-themed cheesecakes. If you plan on ordering some dinner this week, they will throw in a free slice of cheesecake. Here are the details.
Not Kosher: VT Highway Worker Pelted w Pickle
A Vermont highway worker was just doing his job when he told local police that he was pelted by something as cars whizzed by.  According to police, the man was pegged by a prodigious pickle.  Jarred by the incident, the Vermont highway worker has taken it up with local police, and charged …
Get a Free Air Conditioner For Summer
We all know that the summer months can get really hot here in the Capital Region. The Governor's Office has announced that it is offering millions in assistance to those who may need to buy an air conditioner this summer to battle the heat. Here are the details.
Former Albany Examiner Says 3 Cops Killed Floyd
The independent medical examiner hired by members of George Floyd's family revealed key autopsy evidence that paints a much different picture than the one painted by the Hennipen County Medical Examiner's office.   Dr. Michael Baden, the well-known forensic specialist who formerly worked in the Capi…
Another Unsettling Albany Night Had Me Wondering, "What If?"
Honestly, my whole thought process has been screwed up for about a week now.  It started with the deplorable murder of George Floyd and it has continued every night since.  I can't wrap my head around anything I've been watching on the national news or witnessing here in Albany, my hometown.
I'm seei…
Northeast Casinos Opening But Locals Must Wait
Crowds have missed casinos and casinos have certainly missed crowds.  Two of the more prominent casinos in the Northeast, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, opened their doors on Monday in Connecticut.  Turning Stone Resort Casino is planning for a June 10th opening.  Closer to home, Rivers Ca…

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