Documentary Filmmaker Searches for Bigfoot in Adirondacks
Seth Breedlove is a popular documentarian who searches high and low, from coast to coast trying to learn as much about the urban legends, ghost stories, and monster myths.  Here in Upstate New York, Bigfoot is a bit of a thing and a topic that has - at the very least -  piqued our curiosit…
Free Fun Events Across NY on Erie Canal
Here are some fun unique events that are happening across New York state this summer. It's all taking place along the Erie Canal. You can take part in many different excursions depending on which part of the Erie Canal you venture out to.
New Archery Range Hits The Mark in Wilton
It looks like there is another fun activity to learn and do in Saratoga County. There is a new archery range that is in the woods off of Route 50 in Wilton. The area is managed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and replaces an old shooting range. It can be used by both a…
Ravena Couple Arrested for Yoking One Another Up w/ Eggs
It's hard to tell by their mugshots what eggs-actly these two were thinking.  They appear to be a bit smug which leaves me to wonder if their arrest felt like some kind of a yoke to them, or were they just too shell-shocked to know how to react.

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