You may have to soon say goodbye to a specific e-cig when a new law gets passed here in New York State.

It is rare these days, but when you see someone smoking a real cigarette it catches your attention. These days, with high prices and dangers, it seems more people are using vape or e-cigs to get their nicotine fix. It is even more shocking when you see young people smoke. However, here in New York State, officials are trying to make it so you never see young kids smoking or vaping.

According to reports, New York State is going after the e-cigs that are marketed to kids.

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If passed,it would "ban the sale of e-cigarette products that resemble school supplies, toys, or are packaged in a way to appeal to minors".

As a former smoker, I know how hard it is to quit smoking. I started running when I decided to quit and turned one bad habit in to a healthier one.

But I often wonder why I even started smoking? My parents both smoked and that may have had an impact on my decision to start smoking. Many studies indicate that there is a correlation.

According to one report, "38 percent of teens whose parent was dependent on nicotine had smoked at least one cigarette. Among teenagers who had smoked at least one cigarette, 5 percent were dependent if their parent never smoked, but 15 percent were dependent if their parent was dependent".

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