You see it in movies and read about it in books but sometimes you see first-hand that true love does exist and worth the work, even if it's 6 miles.

99-year-old Luther Younger and his wife Waverlee Younger of Rochester have been married for 55 years. According to CBS News, he calls her the "sweetest cup of tea he ever had." After 55 years, they're not any less in love and Luther proved that he'll do anything to be with his wife.

Waverlee was diagnosed with a brain tumor nine years ago but doctors thought she wouldn't make it past five. Over the past nine years, Waverlee has been in and out of Strong Memorial Hospital, sometimes for months at a time, but nothing will keep Luther from the love of his life. At 99-years-old, Luther has stayed by her side by walking the 6 miles total to visit her, sometimes sleeping on the floor by her side.

Waverlee has recently been in the hospital with a bout of pneumonia and though he could wait for his daughter, he'd rather get to his wife as soon as he can by walking there himself. People have offered to drive him but he declines. Luther, a former Marine in the Korean War, prides himself on his physical strength and says that rain or shine he'll walk to be by his wife's side everyday. CBS6 Albany is reporting that he won't have to walk much more this week because she'll be returning home at some point before the weekend.

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