Marilyn Cataldo has had a rough road to get to where she is. She retired from her job to help her husband.

As a way of coping with her husband being a cancer patient she began going to Best Fitness locally. She began to power lift after her husband of nearly fifty years passed away just over a year ago. It was recommended to her to reduce strain on her spine by building muscle there.

Fast forward to her unofficial record breaking performance. Marilyn started and dead lifted 220 lbs. I myself can probably not do anywhere near that. That isn't even where it becomes impressive. She then added some weight. A second successful dead-lift of 252 lbs. Then her trainer said, want to try 281 lbs? Never had she lifted that amount of weight. Until that moment, another successful dead-lift to unofficially break the power lifting record.

The part that sucks is the unofficial part. Here is why that is the case. According to Times Union.

The new record, for her age and weight class, is unofficial because there was no nationally ranked referee there to see her do it - TIMES UNION

Onto her future goal. The 70 year old Albany woman now aims at 300 lbs and is trying to enter into a national tourney for next year. This so she can officially break the record.

I personally am so amazed by Marilyn. She should be an inspiration to all. Her not just physical strength but mental should also. Read more of her story and watch her impressive performance at the link below.



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