Who's got the best food in all of upstate New York? Well according to Chuck D’Imperio, author of the book A Taste of Upstate New York: A Guide to 40 Treasures the answer is right in your backyard.

It's an impossible question to answer but one that's certainly worthy of asking.  Upstate New York is a vast wonderland of delicious foods from Buffalo to Albany to Lake Placid and everywhere in between.  The winning city according to the book is Schenectady.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Schenectady
  2. Binghamton
  3. Kingston
  4. Utica
  5. Ithaca
  6. Buffalo
  7. Oneonta
  8. Plattsburgh
  9. Rome
  10. Syracuse
  11. Rochester
  12. Saratoga

For each city D’Imperio chooses a “crown jewel dish,” a “bucket list restaurant,” and a “surprise treat.” His Crown Jewel: Morrette’s King Steak House, for their steak submarine sandwich. The Bucket List restaurant: Ferrari’s Italian Ristorante, for their pasta sauce and the sweet Surprise Treat: Perreca’s Bakery, for their cannolis.

Saratoga was 12th on the list with props given to Hattie's Restaurant for their killer fried chicken.  Having tasted as much of the Capital Region as I have in my 44 years here, I don't know what city I could put at the top my 518 list.  I will say this though; Schenectady residents are more passionate about telling people how delicious their hometown food is than residents of other cities.  I guess if they love it, who am I to argue!



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