If you're a good karaoke singer, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to sing in a little bar full of distractions.  Are you discouraged by a bad sound system?  Were you mad that people walked right in front of you while you were trying your best?  Maybe the crowd was talking so loud that people couldn't even hear you sing?  Well, if you're serious about singing and you want to be heard, we have the chance to get you on the big stage and people will LISTEN!

A professional concert sound system, bright stage lighting, and the perfect performance atmosphere is waiting for you!  WGNA, Bud Light, and Vapor present the Biggest Country Karaoke Contest in the Northeast.  The best singers from all over are coming together on one stage to win $5,000!  Now, don't let the big money or big stage intimidate you, everyone has a chance to get on the microphone, regardless of experience.  However, signed artists are ineligible to participate.

Another great thing about our WGNA karaoke night, is that you will have the chance to sing and hear Country Music songs all night.  So, if you're a true Country Music fan, you won't have to suffer through over performed lame pop, disco, or hip-hop songs.

The contest starts Thursday, Feb. 17 at Vapor in Saratoga Casino and Raceway.   You can register from 7-8:30, then 20 singers are picked at random to impress the judges to make the finals.  Remember to bring your friends to cheer you on to help impress the judges.  If you are not selected, you can try again on Thursday, March 24, April 21, or May 19.   The top finalists will compete on Thursday, June 16 for the grand prize.