So I was reading an article about food myths and they listed 5 of them that we still believe despite the fact that they have been scientifically disproved. Now I'm not one to argue with science but I'm sorry sometimes I still believe what I see more than what I read.

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Again, these are "Myths" that are just not accurate but you tell me if you still believe in any of them, no matter what science tells you.

5. Multi-grain bread is good for you. Okay this one I can see what they are saying , just because a bread has more than one grain in it doesn't really mean anything. Some of these "grains" are refined grains which have little or no fiber or nutritional value.

4. Vitiman C prevents colds. Now see here is a tricky one, it doesn't "prevent" a cold but it can actually aid you in getting over a cold quicker.

3. Diabetes comes from eating too much sugar. Well again a bit of a play on words here. Truth is being overweight is what causes diabetes and too much of ANY food can lead to that. Let's be honest though, when we do overeat it's usually something yummily sweet right?

2.Celery is a negative calorie food. This of course is saying that it take more calories to eat and digest celery than it actually has in it. Apparently

there ain't any real negative calorie foods, but I'm willing to bet celery is pretty darn close!

1. Sugar makes kids hyperactive. Okay here is where I call foul. There was a big study in 1995 that showed zero connection between kids behavior and how much sugar they ate. Science shmience! I know when my kid eats a lot of sugar he bounces off the walls , and more so jumps on the furniture.

What do you think? Am I crazy here?



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