What goes hand-in-hand better than beer and food?

In the summer, there are few things better than unwinding with a craft beer and a homemade meal after a long day. Here are some of our favorite foods to eat while enjoying a cold one.

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    What's better than grilling up some burgers on a summer night? Grilling with beer in-hand. Food Republic suggests a bitter brew to pair with the richness of a burger, such as Stone Brewing Co.'s Pale Ale.

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    Grilled Pizza

    OK, who says the grill is just for burgers? Get crafty with your grill and enjoy the flavors of a delicious grilled pizza made your own way! Serious Eats suggests that a beer with low bitterness, such as Allagash White, would pair well with the flavors of pizza.

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    A staple meal that never goes out of season. Pairing steak and beer is an art form, though, according to Beer Chow. Once you choose your favorite marinade and toppings, they say you can't go wrong with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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    Whether you're dining in or getting takeout, you can pair your burrito up with a beer that will pizzazz all of its spices and flavors. Serious Eats suggests a German lager like Victory Prima Pils to compliment this Mexican treat.

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    Grilled Cheese

    This isn't just a kid's treat anymore - not after you pair this decadent sandwich with a nice cold beer. Pleasure Palate suggests pairing grilled cheese with a blonde ale, such as Brooklyn Summer Ale.

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